Funny Halloween Costumes for our Pregnant Trick or Treaters!

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Hilarious Halloween Maternity Costumes


1. Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball. 
2. Pregnant Housewife and the Milkman.

3.  Beer Belly pregnancy Halloween Costume.

4.  Basketball player.

5. I eat small children. 

6.  Prego spaghetti sauce costume. 

7.  Pregnant Snooki!  This one is fairly easy to put together.

8.  Let me out!  Creepy...but cool!

9.  Miss Conception. 

10.  Juno and Bleeker.  Perfect maternity costume for couples.

11.  Double D's.  Also great for couples, but you have to stay real close all night!

12.  Mama Bird protecting her egg!
13.  Pot of Gold and Leprechaun.  Love her rainbow hair!

14.  Mike the Monster from Disney's Monster Inc.

15.  Magic 8 Ball.  This one is easy to make and easy to wear!

- List provided by our friends at Stella Maternity

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